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Write From the Heart

26 May 1986
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I'm an aspiring writer, coming up on the completion of my second novel. Hopefully I won't feel compelled to add it to the ashes of the first. In the meantime, I've been experimenting with shorter pieces. They keep ending up either decent or a disaster. You would think that means this experiment will end soon, but I'm far too stubborn to allow something reasonable like that happening. I write under the pseudonym Nathan Trader, just to clear up any name confusion you may have. I do this mainly because it's liberating to go somewhere with my laptop and say, "Okay, I'm not that goofy Jeremy guy right now. I'm Nathan Trader. I'm dark, I'm serious, I cry myself to sleep, and I don't need to answer Jeremy's phone or check his e-mail."

Other than that, I'm a cat person in a big way. I have three small cats, and we fight over the bed every night. I'm a novice book collector, mainly working on my Robin Hobb collection at the moment. I watch more TV than I should, and only manage to read one or two books a month. I prefer to take my time and really try to connect with the characters I'm reading about. The rest of my life is consumed by working in the restaurant industry, mainly as a server and occasionally as a fill-in manager.